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Andrene Williams

After a successful 7-year journey at Billy Craig, Andrene was promoted from Administrative Assistant to the CEO to the role of Relationship Manager, in which she is responsible for maintaining continuous engagement between the company and key corporate accounts. On a daily basis, Andrene interfaces between management, clients and colleagues. She takes great pride in her ability to meet the needs of a diverse set of individuals who rely on her for top-notch administrative, portfolio and risk management support.
For Andrene, Billy Craig is more than a company, it is a family. Billy Craig’s commitment to developing people and maintaining an open door policy has helped to keep her inspired and motivated towards advancing her education and her career. She holds salesman certificates from the Insurance College of Jamaica in all the major classes of insurance, including Pecuniary Loss and Marine, and is currently enrolled in the Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) programme at the Insurance Institute in Canada. She takes every opportunity to become a well-rounded professional, and is excited to be part of a team that provides the motivation and training to empower her in her career growth.