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Angela Brown

Optimism is not a word often associated with insurance – an industry where uncovering potential challenges and liabilities is part of its core mandate. Yet, for Risk Manager, Angela Brown, her work fuels her positive outlook daily. Having first stepped into the insurance industry in1986, Angela is highly experienced and has many certifications under her belt. This includes the distinction of Associate of the Chartered Institute of Insurance of London. Her expert skills in client services and new business development are key in her ability to build and maintain an ever-growing customer base. Working closely with underwriters, her astute knowledge of clients’ challenges is the foundation of her ability to effectively negotiate terms and conditions that consistently fulfill their needs. Angela believes in the positive value that the right protection brings. She passes this belief on to her clients, whose trust is reflected in a 95% customer renewal rate. In all her client interactions, Angela is determined to maintain a consistent and positive approach, ensuring that all queries are acted on promptly and customers are always satisfied. Angela is inspired by the company Chairman’s passion for serving his clients. She mirrors his enthusiasm in all areas of her work, and is proud to be a part of the Billy Craig team.