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Ian Miller

Ian Miller has been the Managing Director at Billy Craig for more than 25 years. He has over 40 years experience in the insurance industry, including international experience with Eagle Star Insurance Company (UK). Having served as a senior manager for Billy Craig under both its founder, Billy Craig, and his son, William Craig junior, Ian has a keen sense of the heart of the company. This understanding of Billy Craig’s foundation and the vision for the company’s legacy, coupled with his broad depth of industry experience, make Ian an ideal leader on Billy Craig’s team. A man of high standards and professionalism, Ian is often affectionately referred to as the encyclopaedia of the office. Ian seeks to ensure Billy Craig is an inspiring and invigorating place to work, while holding the team to the highest industry standards. He has sound technical skills in all areas of insurance and handles some of Billy Craig’s largest accounts. The company benefits from his wealth of experience in broking and underwriting. Ian is one of few insurance professionals in Jamaica who are Fellows of the Chartered Insurance Institutes of London. He also holds the role of Billy Craig’s Chief Operations Officer. His technical and leadership skills have helped to make Billy Craig Insurance Brokers the broker of choice amongst Jamaica’s corporate clientele.