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Ottis Plummer

Ottis Plummer’s hard work and dedication keeps the company connected to its partners and customers. As Manager of Business Management Systems, Ottis’ strong analytical skills and calm demeanour help him troubleshoot complex technical challenges with efficiency and patience. In his 13 years with the company, Ottis has led the digital transformation that has kept Billy Craig at pace with global standards. He and his team are responsible for the development of the company’s inhouse Management Information System and its integration with leading industry software. The speed of change in technology and innovation is no deterrent for Ottis. In fact, it excites and motivates him to identify new opportunities for modifying business processes and systems to improve efficiencies and client service delivery. Ottis is a Microsoft Certified Professional. His aptitude and credentials in software development and design ensure he will continue to play a lead role in enabling the company’s ability to innovate and progress into the future.