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William Craig

As the second generation CEO of Billy Craig Insurance Brokers, William Craig has adopted his father’s values of hard work and impeccable customer service. William is the company’s strategic lead, and ensures his team consistently provides excellent service and achieves its key performance indicators. William has been with Billy Craig for some 25 years, and credits his late father’s tried and true advice, alongside years of industry experience, as cornerstones of his ability to continue the path of Billy Craig’s growth. William keenly remembers his father, William Craig Snr., the founder of Billy Craig, telling him, “Son, work hard and ensure your clients are always satisfied”. Those words are deeply ingrained in every aspect of William’s work. Described as a passionate leader, he prides himself on his ability to formulate innovative solutions for his clients. He uses a similar creative approach to ensure his team is fully equipped with above standard resources to best serve their clients. For William, a personalised approach to client satisfaction is the most vital component of the Billy Craig customer experience. He believes that Billy Craig’s most significant achievement is its customers, some of whom have been on board since the company’s inception, over 50 years ago. This, he says, speaks to the magnitude of effectiveness that is unique to the Billy Craig way.