Business Process Outsourcing


We help BPO enterprises support their greatest asset – their people.

BPO Industry

The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry is one of the leading sources of employment in the region. Over the last decade, it has shown an impressive employment growth rate with an average of 5,000 workers added annually. At Billy Craig Insurance Brokers we understand the special issues faced by this emerging and high-potential industry.


With our head office in Montego Bay, we share a home with the hub of Jamaica’s BPO community, which is also one of the largest in the region. This allows us to have a close, hands-on relationship with our BPO clients, and gives us first-hand knowledge of industry trends and obstacles. Our support enables you to manage the rapid growth in people, technology and facilities associated with this burgeoning sector.


The industry conducts hundreds of thousands of transactions each day making it heavily reliant on technology and Big Data. The potential threat of cyber attack or data fraud is taken very seriously. In addition, the large facilities that many BPOs operate from require first rate property coverage. Billy Craig has the expertise to protect your physical and digital assets.


We are well acquainted with the sector’s unique employment system, and work with BPO providers to mitigate risks around the large human capital inputs that help their businesses thrive. For this industry, people are a vital component to its current and future growth. To support this growth, we have proudly developed an employee benefits web portal for large BPO enterprises, as well as a scalable health plan for small BPOs that can be adapted to meet their evolving operational needs. By providing efficient and flexible coverage, we help BPO enterprises support their greatest asset – their people.