International Placements

Aon Corporation

We are Aon Corporation’s exclusive brokerage partners in Jamaica. Our partnership with Aon allows us to provide risk management to existing Billy Craig customers who are Jamaican companies conducting out-of-territory business. We also handle Aon’s international clients’ insurance needs in Jamaica.


By tapping into Aon’s expansive international network of 50,000 colleagues in over 120 countries, we access global best practices and specialized expertise that give us an edge in the market and enable us to better serve our clients. Our values are aligned with Aon’s Client Promise Framework, which revolves around 5 key promises: partnership, expertise, innovation, excellence and results. We are proud to have been chosen as Aon’s trusted advisors in the Jamaican market and are committed to working with them to deliver empowering results for both their clients and ours.


Aon Corporation is a global provider of insurance and professional services. Their portfolio of solutions includes Commercial Risk Solutions, Reinsurance Solutions, Retirement Solutions, Health Solutions and Data & Analytic Services.

International Brokerage Network

The ever-changing marketplace presents a diverse mix of challenges that carry dynamic and complex risks. Our international network of brokerage partners enables us to access Lloyds of London and other international insurance markets while tapping into a wide array of insurance expertise.


We are trusted because we have both the inhouse expertise and international network to manage our local and international clients’ wide reaching insurance needs. We collaborate closely with international insurers who are globally recognised so that we can offer our clients a portfolio of options that are customized for their specific needs and growth. It is a wide world out there and we stay connected to it so we can continue to enhance our intellectual capital, product offerings and innovation in customer experience delivery.