The first brokerage firm in Jamaica to offer jewellers block protection.

Jewellery & Duty Free Shopping

Jamaica has a vibrant duty free shopping scene that complements the energy and successes of its tourism industry. In 2010, Jamaica signed the Tourist (Duty Free) Shopping Act to boost high end shopping on the island. With the high number of visitors arriving to Jamaica each year, jewellers are keeping large stocks of inventory of precious gems, watches, leather goods and other intricate pieces to provide variety for customers and an elevated shopping experience. This opens up potential vulnerabilities in goods transit and storage that need to be mitigated.


Billy Craig Insurance Brokers was the first brokerage firm in Jamaica to offer jewellers block protection. Our Lloyds of London policy is world class and we work with you to design, implement and manage insurance options for asset protection and risk management both on-property and in-transit. Through our Jewellers Block Policy, you are able to determine your optimal insurance value and manage associated overhead costs effectively.


The local insurance industry has been slow in taking on jewellers insurance because of the complexities, vast room for error and relativity of its valuation processes. For the less experienced broker, the intricate dynamics of valuations can create challenges in the claim assessment process. At Billy Craig however, our jewellers policy has been intricately designed by our experienced in-house experts. We have led the charge in negotiating the best policy stipulations to formulate the most satisfactory product for the market. With our expertise and commitment, you can expect to receive the accurate compensation for your claims.