Manufacturing and Distribution

Policies tailored specifically to your business’ unique needs.

Manufacturing & Distribution

The manufacturing sector is the largest among all goods-producing sectors in Jamaica. Given its location at the hub of air and sea routes in the Northern Caribbean and the global demand for brand Jamaica, this is an industry poised for export growth. Due to its competitive advantages and the calibre of consumable goods emerging from the sector, manufacturers and distributors are in a good position to anticipate customers’ needs and adapt their processes in an ever-evolving global market.


True to The Billy Craig Way, we have a keen awareness of the nuances and unique challenges faced by manufacturing and distribution businesses. These include exchange rate fluctuations, workforce safety, technology and equipment disruption, compliance breakdown and intellectual property infringements.


To address these uncertainties, we offer policies tailored specifically to your business’ unique needs. By helping you understand and avoid the potential pitfalls associated with manufacturing and distributing goods, whether locally consumed or exported, we help you to reduce your cost of risk and ultimately protect your bottom line.