Our Approach

We manage our client relationships as if each client is a part of the Billy Craig family. During the claims process, our negotiation strategy reflects this approach. We are there for you every step of the way. Using a proactive and personalised approach, we keep you advised on the progress of your claim and guide you diligently through the process. Our goal is to ensure we provide you with the best claims experience available on the island.

You can rest assured that our claims advice is not skewed to favour the insurance company, but rather focused on getting you the best results. As an independent insurance broker, we can follow-up and negotiate with insurance companies on behalf of our clients without the burden of conflict of interest. It is a position that keeps us focused on making your interests our interests.

With over 50 years in the insurance business, no other broker in Jamaica has the same level of longevity and expertise as Billy Craig Insurance Brokers. Our team has the know-how to successfully and seamlessly manage the claims process on your behalf. We are skilled in negotiation using effective techniques and knowledge honed over many years. As a result of our credibility in the industry, we are able to leverage long-standing relationships with both adjusters and insurers. Combined with our diligence in reviewing and overseeing reports and our solid understanding of contracts, we are able to reach the best settlement for your case.

We always strive to provide a superior customer experience. This means staying on top of our game and integrating new ways of doing things to enhance efficiency and comfort for our clients. By being innovative in our approach and using technology to facilitate the claims process, you benefit from faster turnaround times, easy access to information and reduced disruption to your business.