Karen Brown

Branch Manager

Branch Manager, Karen Brown, is responsible for overseeing a wide range of operational functions. She plays a vital role in developing and motivating Billy Craig’s staff. With over twenty years experience working in customer service, Karen’s style of management has increased her team’s productivity. Her unique implementation of employee reward systems has boosted staff morale and encouraged their development. This has further enhanced the customer service experience. Compassionate, yet firm, persistent yet fair, Karen leads by example. She ensures that all the systems, procedures and staff add to the excellence of the company’s reputation for superior customer service delivery. At the end of the day, it’s the people that get her most excited about her work at Billy Craig – the clients, her team and the executives.
Karen believes her strong desire to continue learning makes her a great manager. Even after 11 years in the insurance industry, she is always eager to find new ways to improve. Karen has a love for law and is an avid reader of insurance policies. These qualities contribute to her wide knowledge-base and ability to negotiate the best coverage, terms and rates for Billy Craig’s clients. Karen has a bachelor’s degree in Management Studies and a certificate of insurance from the Chartered Insurance Institute (London).