Protecting our country’s social and economic success.

Tourism Industry

The tourism industry stands at the heart of Jamaica’s economy. Latest statistics show that Jamaica is among the top international tourism destinations in the Caribbean, welcoming over 4 million travelers each year. The overall number of visitors to the island continues to grow steadily, and niche sectors, such as cruise, medical tourism and luxury tourism, are quickly advancing.


At Billy Craig we take great pride in meticulous protection of our tourism-based clients. We know that your success is crucial to the vibrancy of our country’s social and economic welfare. With our steadfast support, you can have an unwavering confidence in your ability to run your business successfully and serve your customers well.


With our head office in, Western Jamaica, the island’s tourism capital, we are acutely aware of the unique challenges faced by businesses within this industry. Some risks include heavy reliance on natural resources, high exposure to public and employee liability, public use of valuable property assets, the threat of natural disasters, fluctuating operating expenses and the changing tide of the country’s global reputation. We broke both worldwide and local coverage, as well as provide loss prevention, crisis management and liability mitigation for the unique spectrum of industry risks. Billy Craig utilises seasoned industry expertise to help you carefully tackle obstacles and create full-proof solutions.